Only one Florida Poker Room Offers a Double Bonus. Hold’em

The best poker room in Florida has just gotten even more exciting. Texas Hold’em has never been more fun. Double bonus Hold’em is now available at the Big Easy Poker Room at Mardi Gras Casino. Double bonus Hold’em, a fusion of Texas Hold’em & a Table game, is now available at Mardi Gras exclusively since November 18, 2018.

Mardi Gras Casino offers The Big Easy Poker, a thrilling game for thrill seekers and avid gamers. Mardi Gras Casino is currently the only one that offers Double Bonus Poker!

Wil Herrera, Mardi Gras’ Director for Poker Operations, stated that “the casino is looking to add more exciting and unique games like Double Bonus Hold’em” shortly. Mardi Gras has heard from players that they love the game and will continue to be the leading poker room in South Florida.

Can you play Double Bonus Hold’em with anyone?

Double bonus Hold’em is open to anyone with the desire to learn and the drive to play. While no experience is required to play Texas Hold’em, having some knowledge and skills is a great bonus.

The game is similar to Texas Hold’em but with a jackpot twist.

2-7 players per game

Players place $1 ante, $2 Board Card Bonus, and Hole Bonus Jackpot bets …$4. Of the $5, the jackpot goes to the players

Each player receives two cards, just like Texas Hold’em.

Players can bet against one another on the flop and turn, as well as the river.

The pot goes to the best hand

The showdown bonuses will be paid for board and hole card combinations.

The bonus payouts are huge and can range from $10 for a small couple to $1,000 for an entire royal flush. Anyone with an Ace-king, Ace-queen, or Ace-jack in their hands will also be eligible for a progressive jackpot of up to $3000.

What makes The Big Easy the Best Florida Poker Room in Florida?

The Big Easy Poker Room has hosted the Florida Million and the Florida Million, as well as launching Double Bonus Hold’em. Both novice and experienced players agree that the Big Easy Poker room is the best in Florida for its wide range of games and friendly service.

Some of the most prominent features at Big Easy Poker include:

30 tables offer action-packed games, including Texas Hold’em and 7 Card Stud.

Florida poker tournaments are held throughout the year

Executive style, comfortable seating at all tables

All Poker players can enjoy tableside food and drink service during Big Easy Happy Hours, seven days a week.

A bar and lounge area dedicated exclusively to the Big Easy Poker Room

Convenient parking located just a few steps from the exclusive entrance

All levels of participants are welcome to come and have fun in the Big Easy Poker Room. Many players believe the Big Easy is the best because they don’t have to leave the table for food or drinks during hot streaks. Many others love the action-packed atmosphere and friendly service.

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