Ask a group of craps players whether they prefer to play with a rhythmic roll or a setter. They will almost always answer “dice setter” when asked. They have likely had the opportunity to play with many dice setters and will most likely say a rhythmic roller.

In all the years I’ve been at craps tables, I’ve only seen two “true rhythmic shooters.” A rhythmic shooter can control the dice and create an unbeatable outcome by rolling in a rhythm. The first was pretty average, and the second one was simply amazing.

It was my first time playing craps. We met in Tunica, Mississippi. She was sitting alone at The Horseshoe, and I sat at a nearby table to watch her. Her red chips turned green, then went black. I knew she was doing well.

First, I noticed that her left hand was at an angle to the table, and her palm was on the felt. Then she seemed to be patting the felt in a rhythm, but it wasn’t really. But, although it was strange, it worked. It is important to remember that rhythmic rollers tend not to stay in the same position while patting the felt. But she did.

I’m assuming that she gets dealers to “keep the dice rolling,” but I have never heard her say it. However, the bets she placed on them were exciting.

It was noticeable, especially when a dealer placed a $54 bet. It is likely that the stickman kept moving the dice, even though they had to change the stick, and continued to move them in her direction. This can be an excellent help for Rhythmic Rollers.

They were held for thirty more minutes, and she seemed upset. She then called it quits. I inquired of the dealers at the next shift if I had seen her. I described her appearance, and they said that she had gone to Hollywood to see friends. I felt like a sponge and down a lot before I met her. I ran right over to meet her.

One thing that I did notice was her little hand tapping out a rhythmic beat as she hit number after number. When I asked her how she learned so well to play, she replied, “Oh, my lucky hat, I’m not that great.”

I have had the opportunity to play with her about five to six times and have concluded that she is also wearing my lucky hat!

Magic Wand Slot Machine

Magic Wand features five reels and 25 pay lines. It pays homage to classic magic tricks, such as escapology, when playing cards were standard, and rabbits were often pulled from hats. Magic Wand celebrates all these earlier tricks. The reels are placed on a blood-red curtain, which quickly recalls Las Vegas Extravaganzas and music hall performances. When you win, you will enjoy a pleasant, relaxing song, signifying that your spin was successful.

Magical Symbols

These symbols are all magic-related and include Dice (Caged Birds), Poker Cards, and the Magician. This game doesn’t feature Penn & Teller. The Magic Wand Logo, also known as the wild symbol, replaces all symbols except the Magic Hat, which is the scatter. Although the graphics look dated, they are still classy at times. This is great for a slot that relies on its first impression.

Free Spins

You can win amazing prizes with the Magic Hat. It features 3D slot graphics and 3D slot graphics. You must hit three or more Magic Hat scatters on the reels to activate the Magic Wand feature. The number of complimentary spins you get will depend on how many Magic Hats are on the reels. Three will give you five free spins. Four will provide you with seven, and five will give you 20. Two reels can randomly turn wild with every spin. You can retrigger five extra Free Spins by getting three or more scatters.

Optional betting

Magic Wand’s pay lines are adjustable like most other new slot games. You don’t need to wager on every one of them, but you can. For a maximum bet of 75.00, you can add up to 3.00 to each payline. However, the lowest chance on all active lines is 0.25 (0.01 for all 25). The standard Jackpot is 7,500 coins.

Final Verdict

It’s an enjoyable slot to play. However, Magic Wand isn’t one of the most well-known online slots. You would expect more from this slot, as it lacks bonus features. The Magic Wand slot does not have the same pulling power as the Lancelot, but it has some great prizes if you’re patient enough to go through the barren spells.