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Jewellery Store Slot

Jewellery Store is a colorful slot game by Evoplay Entertainment. It features a variety of jewels in shades of blue, green, and white, as agreeably as rich, deep reds. The name implies that it is designed to make us feel like we’re in a store. Like other games by this Malta-based developer of online casino games, everything has been beautifully detailed. The store has a distinctive Oriental feel, which is enhanced by some of the symbols.

Jewels fall five reels and return winnings when three or better of the same type land on one of the ten pay lines that run from left to right. The prize amount depends on which jewels made up the winning line. There’s also a green dragon, which awards bonuses such as wild substitutes and free reel spins.

This slot may not have the most sophisticated extras, but it can provide players with constant wins, making it an enjoyable game without distractions. It’s a colorful slot with a very elaborate store design. The reels are surrounded by a decorative gold frame that glints in the light. Shelves filled with luxury items like necklaces, rings, and even cat statues create the illusion of being in the shop.

Spinning Up Sparklers

Jewellery Store video slots are free, but there is no way to win real money. The minimum bet is 0.10, but the maximum bet is 100.00. All lines are always active, so you can’t test this slot with real money bets for just one or two lines.

Paytables list the value of each jewel when it appears across a single line. Spinners receive a 3x line stake when pearls or blues sapphires appear on reels 1, 2, and 3. Four of a Kind pays 8x, and a complete line is 15x. The following two jewels are a green amber and an emerald, both worth 5x,10x, or 25x. A diamond ring with a tiger symbol might be uncomfortable, but it’s still worth 10x,25x, or 60x.

The top symbol, a multicolored ring, is the most valuable, with prizes worth 50x, 200x, or 250x if it is in the right place.

Wild Dragon Features

This jewelry store has a few surprises hidden in it. They are all triggered by the green dragon statue that only appears on the middle three reels. This wild symbol can fill in gaps or extend a winning line by matching three symbols on reel 4.

It’s standard for online slot machines. But in this case, the wild expands across all reels that it lands on. This makes it more comfortable to form a winning combination. The scaly dragon has one more trick in its arsenal. Every time the dragon finishes a winning line, the reels will re-spin.

The wild stamp can be used to create another winning combination. The third and final spin will occur if the wild is part of another win. This may appeal to those who enjoy simple games with a high winning rate, but it could turn off others looking for additional bonus rounds. There are no more bonus features.

A Diamond of a Slot Machine?

Jewellery Store is no different. Like other games by this developer, it’s a game that can be relied on to bring in some great returns. The Jewellery Store videotape slot is a reliable game that can be trusted to deliver some good returns.

The dragon symbol is what offers the most chances of getting some cash. While standard gameplay will provide you with many winning combinations, the dragon symbol gives you the most excellent chance to win some money.

Jewellery Store is not available on mobile devices. Much to do, including replacing other symbols, expanding, and triggering respins. Unusually, there is no scatter symbol in this game, but it is optional because the game is easy to play and learn.