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Dragon Showdown Slot Machine

Dragon is the name of the ultimate martial art warrior. In this thrilling and epic tale, you will try to earn the highest accolade possible by defeating three other warriors who believe they are entitled to be called the Dragon.

You will need many skills to master the 1,024 ways you can win every spin of this 5-reel slot game. However, the rewards are enormous for learning them and beating Master Li, Mistress Yoko, and Master Yang. There are many line-bet multiplier prizes that you can win. If you become the Dragon, there may be great rewards such as Wilds and a Bonus Select, which combines bonus games with multipliers to create ultimate combinations. Windows phones and Mac computers are equally compatible.


First, you may be asked to demonstrate your skills using a dagger or a bow-and-arrow. You must line up 3 to 5 symbols from each discipline to pass these tests. Your prowess will be recognized with wins up to 60x your line bet.

You can win up to 100x on your line bet if you defeat Master Li and Mistress Yoko. Be careful, though, as other Dragon candidates could try to beat you at any moment. And just one thrust with a Samurai Sword might endanger your chances of winning On line bet

Master Yang is the most dangerous threat to your title as Dragon. To defeat him and become Dragon, you must line up all five of his symbols. This will give you 200x your line bet.

You can also use the Wild Dragon Showdown logos to defeat your opponents. These logos can punch or kick any prize symbol out of their way and then replace them onto a pay line to help you create fight-winning combinations.

Dragon Honours

You may be awarded the unique bonus feature in recognition of your achievement of the Dragon title. The Feature will be activated when you hit three dojo symbols on reels 2, 3, and 4. After that, you must carefully evaluate and select one of 3 free games or multiplier combinations to enter battle.

The first option is high-risk, with only three games to win prizes. However, all winnings will be multiplied by an 11x to 28x multiplier. You can play eight free games to win prizes, with a multiplier between 5x and 11x. Or you can take the safer route with 18 games for free with a multiplier between 2x and 5x. You can choose – but make sure you’re making the right choice. You will also need to decide on the size of your bet, but you can still win all 1,024 ways for as low as 50 credits per spin.

These epic adventure slots by High 5 are a must-play. You can play as any character and reap the rewards. The main prize in Dragon Showdown is the Bonus Select. This is one showdown that you will want to take advantage of!