Game designers have many options to create new game types thanks to the evolution of the casino slot machine industry, from video slots to computerized machines and the growing popularity of online gambling and mobile gambling. This new environment offers the possibility of more significant and even unlimited player interaction. The game designers need to embrace this change and create innovative games that take advantage of it. It is essential to develop appealing game concepts that offer players new and exciting options, but not so different that they become bored. So your objectives must always aim at the highest of the player’s needs but without deviating from the path.

Because of the size of the industry, it is crucial to attracting player interest and attention. Gambling is a significant contributor to the UK’s economy. It has estimated spending of PS8,875 million (0.8% of the UK’s GDP, 2005), and a loss of PS1.74 billion in slot machine losses (Gaming Board 2005).

If you want to ensure that slot machine games are profitable, a mathematical model is required to calculate the house edge. If the player can input information, the optimal strategy must be calculated to estimate the house edge. These models are built using Probability, Operational Research techniques, and Stochastic processes. It is also essential to have good programming skills. Video slots could allow games to become interactive and, therefore, more complex to model. This is a highly skilled job that well-trained professionals can only do.

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