Virtually everything that can convert into digital media is now available online. The Internet allows visual media of all kinds, including documents, books, and businesses. It’s the 21st century, so if a company has not extended its reach to the Internet, it’s probably a metaphorical dinosaur. They are obsolete and will soon be the same as the ancient reptiles.

Of course, casinos wouldn’t like to be left behind in this. We are still far from seeing these gambling establishments disappear, considering how popular they remain. However, going online can help keep them current and increase their customer base. They succeeded, and evidence like this article shows that online casino players are still interested in better information about their favorite games.

These inquisitive gamblers are often a target for shady people who want to steal their money through deceit. These fraudsters usually take them to illegal casinos that offer attractive offers. These rogue online casinos are known for ripping off people in the following ways:

1. Non-random, rigged games

This is the most common way that rogue casinos cheat their customers. These casinos appear legitimate from the outside but use gambling games to lose the player. This is what most of these players realize after they have lost large sums of money.

2. Payouts delayed or not received.

Rogue casinos can pay out, but it is slow and complicated for minimal amounts. These casinos are trying to frustrate players to the point that they won’t pay any winnings. Other casinos pay no money and direct players to non-functional customer support.

3. Accounts suddenly closed

Some casinos target high-rollers or people who place large bets. These casinos will let high-rollers play, and they’ll even pay them for small wins. If one wins big, they will immediately close the account and terminate all contact with them.

4. Bait and switch.

Online casinos often offer free play, particularly for roulette, to draw more players. This is also a common tactic of rogue online casinos. They’d convince their victims that gambling can be easy with free games with favorable odds. These players would be offered games with high-stakes winning chances that favor the casino when they start to pay real money.

These are just a few of the more deplorable ways scammers use to steal money from innocent online gamblers. Unfortunately, however, it’s not impossible to fall into one of these traps.

This is a great way to avoid falling for these types of scams. Before you buy into a casino, make sure that you are fully informed. You can only use your knowledge to avoid being ripped off by illegal schemes. You can use the Internet to help you in this matter.

The play would live roulette online in legitimate casinos if you were to avoid getting scammed.

Journey to the West Slot Machine

Based on the Chinese novel, first published in 16th Century China, Evoplay Entertainment’s Journey To The West slot machine follows the mythical adventure of the Buddhist monk Xuanzang on his Journey to Central Asia and India for sacred texts. The main character is a Monkey accompanied by faithful companions. This casino slot machine has a funny story, and this sense of fun continues in its 5-reels and twenty-pay lines.

This game is a cartoon-styled, fantastic-looking game. It has a blue dragon that can substitute for other symbols and trigger free spins bonus.

The entire game is dominated by a stunning image of a Monkey King battling another monkey in a mountainous environment by a stream. Both are dressed in very stylish armor and carry decorated staffs ready to smack the other’s head. However, apart from the hair and skirts that blow in the wind, this is not an animated image, so we do not know who won. It still looks fantastic!

Journey to the Reels

The background image dominates the game, and symbols appear to float in front of it without clearly defined reels. This is very effective and doesn’t detract from what’s essential: the symbols n for a winning combination. A win occurs when three or more of the identical type appear on a horizontal line.

This game is suitable for all budgets. You can recreate Journey to the West for free or with a limit as low as 0.20. The 10 J and Q playing cards, designed to look like gold jewelry, offer the lowest payouts. These icons are worth 8x 15x 50x of the line bet if they land on reels 3, 4, or 5. The K and A, similar styles, are also worth 8x 25x or 8x 88x. The number 8 is lucky in Asia and is not chosen randomly.

The picture symbols are more valuable. For example, the large man and the staff pay 15x, 100x, or 200x of the line bet. The blue guy, who may look like an angry Smurf or be just cold, can bring in wins of up to 20x, 100x, or 300x. The Monkey King must only stop on the first and second reels and will pay out 8x.

Wild Dragon Features

Blue dragons can act as other symbols, and when placed in the correct places, they will help you land more winning lines. They do this by bridging gaps between two characters or extending the win to more reels on the right.

This scatter symbol is also worth a nice payout when enough dragons simultaneously appear in the same place. It pays out multiples of your total stake for each spin, not just the amount you bet on the line.

You will also receive ten free spins if three or more dragons appear on the reels. But before these spins begin, you can choose from 3 special features. You can choose between the Pig symbol, which expands over the revolution it lands on and becomes extra wild. The Monkey King Bonus, which makes all wild symbols sticky until the bonus round ends, or the Snow Leopard, which applies a multiplier of 5x to any winnings from free spins.

Is it Worth the Trip?

Evoplay Entertainment’s Journey to the West follows a popular theme. Chinese culture and traditions are one of the topics that punters around the world most often search for. It’s done in style, and the developers have paid close attention to details. The reels are filled with characters and scenes from the classic story.

The features are available to everyone, even those who have never heard of the Monkey King. The fact that players can choose from various additional features in the free spins rounds is a great feature. However, the overall return on investment will be similar regardless of which option they select.

Journey to the West, a lot of high quality available at desktop casinos using software by this new developer, needs to be mobile-optimized.