For the 3rd time, Microgaming developed another online gaming machine that gained so much attention from players, the Untamed: Crowned Eagle. This untamed version is way different from Bengal Tiger and Monster Hamster because of stunning features present in the machine.

I have played these three versions to exactly determine their differences and similarities. Well, the poker has resemblances, but is way more different than the other versions. I’m writing this review to provide people information about the Australian free slot, only as a standalone pokie, regardless of the other two untamed versions.

The Untamed: Crowned Eagle is a 5 reel with 243 paylines. Varieties of symbols are available in the machine, obviously are Crowned Eagle’s natural photographs. These graphics are good, but I would suggest that something spectacular should be improved when hitting the win. For now, the symbols just brighten when aligned for the win. It will be better if the developers created a more exciting graphics when players perfectly combined the line.

That aside, I highly commend another feature of the game, which is the “Your Gamble”. This provides a 50/50 tails or heads option, where you can select the suit or colour of the subsequent playing card. Compared to the NextGen slot machine, Your Gamble is classier. Win or lose a spin by changing the compass needle around the Globe. Your win depends on the area you select.

While playing the pokie machine, you’ll probably get the chance to meet varieties of symbols like the Wild, Scatter, and Lucky Nudge. When you get these symbols, take advantage of the stacked wild, free spins, and Your Gamble features of the game.

You can win up to 90,000 coins in this game.

I am not too lucky to win that big money, but I was able to hit some of the features that helps me win more, about more than half of the grand prize.